Dogpile on the President

The pseudonymous “Zombie” has long been one of America’s better independent photojournalists. He has some terrific photos of recent protests against President Obama by both the Tea Party AND the Occupy Wall Street crowd in the same spot, with some Obama support thrown in for good measure. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. Whether this is indicative of a horrid schizm in American politics, or just the 1st amendment operating like it’s supposed to, I leave it to you to decide. Check it out.

(Via Murdoc Online. Wow I’ve missed Murdoc. I’ve let this blog become insular for too long. Time to revive the old blogroll methinks.)

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  • jaymaster

    I love Murdoc (which you spelled wrong, btw…spell checkers don’t like it the “right” way.)

    I don’t remember for sure, but I think I discovered him through his commenting at Dean’s World many years ago.

    I went from actively commenting on around 40-50 blogs back in the day, to 5 or 6 today. And Murdoc’s is still one of them.

  • Spelling fixed, thanks. I knew that.

    I seriously need to revive the blogroll, it was my main way of keeping track of blogs I liked and recommending them to others. I don’t know why I took it down, except I was in “turtle mode” for a couple years there. Healing, mostly.