The Offensive “Julia”

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I have no choice but to hold my nose and vote for Obama, but damn, sexist garbage like “The Life of Julia” sure doesn’t make that any easier to do. There are so many things wrong with it I hardly know where to begin.

I guess the art of winning elections is like making sausage, not something you really want to see.

*Update*: Sign of the times, a page-by-page alternative of Julia which lays out conservative ideas, although I don’t know how much that matches up with what Team Romney is actually proposing.

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  • I’m not clear on what is offensive about this, especially why you label it “sexist”.

  • jaymaster

    I knew him when he was a true liberal.

    Best wishes, Dean!

  • What’s sexist about it is that it implies the woman cannot function without outside help, and has no ability to succeed or provide for herself on her own.

  • My biggest problem with “The Life of Julia” is it leaves out the baby’s father. I think my wife could do a better job of raising our daughter without me than I could of raising our daughter without her. But there is no doubt in my mind that we can do a far better job of raising our daughter together than either of us could separately.

  • Sexist? Oh, let’s see.

    First off, there’s the Lilly Ledbetter act business. Offensive and sexist on multiple fronts. Leaving aside everything else wrong with that Orwelleian-named act, the fact of the matter is that today, women are paid better than men on average once you equalize for life choices and hours worked. Men are the ones discriminated against in wages (and promotions) in today’s workforce, not women, but no one cares about that, especially because the way the laws are structured makes it invisible (and no one gives a shit about discrimination against men anyway). The Lilly Ledbetter act is just further entrenchment of institutional sexism based on relic assumptions of a bygone era, a pandering sop to Baby Boomer feminists.

    The “Julia” presentation also in its entirety implies that women need special help in education. Is there anything here at all about the real raging concern in education: the fact that boys are falling further and further and further behind girls at every level in education? Yes it’s nice that when she finally has a son (apparently sans father) he gets some nifty-if-vague benefits, but it’s still all about Julia. Some Americans are a little equal-er than others, if they’re female.

    Then there’s the strong reminder that Julia, like Obama, seems to think it’s perfectly okay for the government to bully Catholic institutions under the guise of “protecting women” by forcing them to provide birth control pills you can buy for $9/month yourself at Wal-Mart. The President’s assault on the Church all but lost him my vote, and this helped serve to grind his offensive actions into my face: the sexist hypocrisy that says private institutions, even religious ones, MUST be mandated to provide birth control pills you can buy for $9 for pennies and could be even made cheaper with some smarter regulatory reforms–and that this ridiculous shell game was there to pander to far-left feminists.

    The presentation proudly ends by how Obama is “cracking down on gender discrimination.” It is almost nothing but one example of gender discrimination after another.

    There’s a double-derangement to it, too, since you can also see it as starting all from the assumption of women in 2012 needing special protection. And not just protection, but special privilege.

    I will almost certainly vote for Mr. Obama’s re-election, but I will be holding my nose and suppressing a gag when I do.

    (Note: As should be obvious, my reasons for disliking “Julia” and Obama in general are not the same as the run-of-the-mill Conserva-libertarian arguments, because I’m not with those guys either. If Obama wins I will not cheer, and if he loses I will not be depressed. I’ll do my best to support a theoretical President Romney the same way I gave it to Obama even though I didn’t vote for him in 2008 either.)

  • I also, by the way, how Obama’s policies will encourage Julia to behave toward whatever men are left there when she gets to college.

    The administration’s sexist double-standards are only emphasized by things like this.

    I don’t think Republicans have generally shown themselves to be much better mind you.