Growing Reasoned Criticism of Anita Sarkeesian

The amount of rational, reasoned responses to Anita Sarkeesian’s brand of feminism is growing. This is probably the most detailed and specific and biting so far:

I have some friends contemplating doing a Kickstarter project on toxic and dishonest forms of feminism that infantalize women and demonize men. It should be interesting to see if that comes to life. One thing that’s obvious: whether intentionally or on purpose, Anita Sarkeesian could not have made the situation better for herself if she had tried.

Meanwhile, I note that it’s still totally OK to fire a nobody for saying the words “booth babe” about a celebrity, and women who dissent from Sarkeesian’s views get very little notice except for places like this blog.

Anyway, I recommend watching the above two videos before actually responding to them.

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  • Scott

    I have some friends contemplating doing a Kickstarter project on toxic and dishonest forms of feminism that infantalize women and demonize men.

    Let me know when they start producing videos and editorials. I’d love to donate money to a movement that uses reasoned debate to confront this issue. An issue that is becoming a real problem in this current recession (and yes, we are effectively in a recession even though there is small growth, we’re just in the tail end of one recession or momentary pause in a double-dip recession) with high male unemployment.

  • Scott

    They’ve probably noted it themselves but this intro line of hers:

    “With a few notable exceptions, basically all female characters in videogames fall into a small handful of cliches and stereotypes”

    Replace “female” with “male” in that sentence and it is just as true.

    Video games are escapist fantasy. Rarely do people want the main characters in escapist fantasy to look like Roseanne Barr or Tom Arnold.

  • Dean Esmay

    I will Scott, I will.

    And of course you’re right. Indeed, if you look at video games, pretty much exactly like movies, it’s a very rare thing to see women killed, and in fact part of the hooh-hah over women in video games started when objections were raised to a game in which some sexy female characters were enemies you had to kill. However, if you look at most video games that feature killing violence, the overwhelming majority of targeted for death are male. Action movies are exactly the same.

    And yes, of course, as Sarah Kite Tales noted so very well, male video game characters are usually ridiculously tall, over-muscled (often to impossible degrees), and so on. This is escapist fantasy. You want to put something out that has a different flavor of escapist fantasy, that’s fine, but banging on people who favor a different type of escapist fantasy is ludicrous.

  • Scott

    I wonder how Anita would explain Aveline from “Dragon Age 2”

    A character described as “a woman-shaped battering ram”

    For that matter, how would she explain Merrill (who I always end up with).

  • Dean Esmay

    Link no work, Scott. Didn’t play Dragon Age 2 so not sure what you mean, but, actually there are so many badass women in video games these days it’s ridiculous. They do try to make them look very sexy, often, but I once again note just how the hypermasculinized look is also popular to ludicrous degrees (often to literally physically impossible levels) and no one complains about it that I’ve seen. I find that look ugly myself but to each their own.