“I do not believe that reality is in compliance with our notion of rational. At best, our notion of rational chases reality.”

–Peter Orem

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  • roylofquist

    Reality is not “rational ” in the sense that “It is a normative concept of reasoning in the sense that rational people should derive conclusions in a consistent way given the information at disposal. It refers to the conformity of one’s beliefs with one’s reasons to believe, or with one’s actions with one’s reasons for action.”

    Reality is, in the words of Roger Penrose, “non-computable”. Or, in the language of mathematics, np-complete. In every day terms it means that no conceivable computer given billions of years can resolve the solution.

    The hubris of scientism that since we can send a rocket to the moon then we can predict the weather displays a total ignorance of the difference in complexity between the two problems. This unfortunate byproduct of the enlightenment led to some of the horrors of the 20th century – 100+ million people dead in the name of “scientific socialism”.

    Those who place their faith in “coffee house philosophers” rather than the wisdom of the fathers are lost lambs.

  • Scott

    OT: What if men sang about longing for life in the larger world the way the Little Mermaid did?

  • Dishman


    I agree with all that.

    What Penrose said is essentially a rephrasing of Godel. Chaos Theory follows along similarly.

    As a statement about physics, the original comment is fairly bland and uncontroversial. It seems to me that we (people, in general) keep trying to declare that somehow other subjects are different.