Romney & Obama at Al Smith Dinner

This was not quite as good as 4 years ago. John McCain just killed at that one. Still, not bad:

It felt like Romney took a few more political shots than he needed to, but nothing too egregious. Overall both men were pretty funny.

I’m serious that McCain was a scream 4 years ago. Here it is in case you don’t remember it:

Obama wasn’t too bad back then either.

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  • Scott

    Both men did well, I especially liked Obama’s lines about Chris Matthews and using his (Obama’s) middle name.

    But, you have to look at this dinner well within the context of the debates.

    1) Romney has had highly consistent performances in the debates and on the trail as a calm but assertive, passionate but not disrespectful and knowledgeable but not wonky. Most important: he didn’t screw up in any big way.

    So Romney just has to roast his opponent in fair ways to look “good” and continue to “win” undecideds.

    2) Obama has been inconsistent, petulant and disrespectful of his opponent. He needed to make up for those humorless debate performances (which is his only consistency between the two debates) by poking fun at himself.

    He needs to look both more human and presidential to “win back” undecideds.

    That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

  • Sandi

    Both were very good, and I had a lot of laughs.

    However while both were funny, the both mostly roasted Obama.