Standing Against Misandrist Lies

A British MP has the audacity to state the truth.

I notice he’s only 40. I theorize that people who state the plain truth on issues like this are a rising tide, and I think that’s because the generation born after the Baby Boom is now coming into its own. People in their 40s and younger (i.e. not Baby Boomers) are no longer inclined by outdated notions of chivalry to avoid stating the obvious, uncomfortable truth just to bow to social sensibility.

Oh sure, the man-hating lies will continue for a while: that men are more violent and predatory. Those are hateful, hurtful, demeaning, sexist, bigoted lies, but getting rid of society-wide prejudice like that never changed overnight. Bigotry like that will probably always be around in some form or another. The only solution is to stand against it.

I don’t expect our national politics to change much on this issue during this election cycle, but we’re seeing a growing movement in the UK, Canada, Australia, and various parts of America. The next ten years of gender politics should be interesting to watch indeed.

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  • Feminists in the 60s demanded equality. This was always a bad deal for women, since they were always more highly valued and protected than men. Now that women see themselves as equal to men, they are learning that equality is about more than the benefits, it applies to the responsibilities as well. But I have little hope for real equality happening soon. When women are subject to the draft, when father’s rights are as well respected as mother’s, THEN I will be as optimistic as you, Dean.

  • The movement is growing.

    Watch what happens in the next few years.

  • Ruth H

    As a pre-baby boomer, meaning I’m turning 76 this week, I think we have several decades of men are evil. But remember the Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best shows? They showed men as loving, caring, honest and responsible. They did not do the Married w/ Children thing, and show them as bumbling idiots as so many of the most recent sitcoms have. I do not even go to movies so I can’t say about them but I do believe TV shows; the shouting feminists on TV and the no responsiblity sex activists have done some irreparable harm to society. I know there are many sex offenders and abusers but we have made our children and their mothers and fathers afraid to let them play outside. They have been encouraged to smart mouth everyone from cradle to grave age, yet boys get in trouble for being boys. Something is wrong here. There used to be a saying “boys will be boys.” Now if it is uttered one is in the wrong for the utterance. Human nature being what it is – boys WILL be boys.

  • Funny you have this whole thing going, Dean (to which I’m not unsympathetic), but still insist that a vote for Obama is in the national interest. What side of the political line do you think this nonsense comes from? Sure as hell not from the Mormon in the race!