Vote Zomney!

Joss Whedon has convinced me. I’m voting Romney! Come on, Romney-pocolypse!

“Unless they read Ayn Rand.” Hysterical.

(Seriously? The very fact that Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand fan makes me want to run away from him very very very very very very very very very very very fast. I’ll have to hope to be one of the superfast new-school zombies at least.)

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  • Scott

    “Romney’s ready to make the deep roll-backs in healthcare, education, social services and reproductive rights.”

    Every word of that is a lie.

    And “that will guarantee poverty and unemployment”. Wow, it takes balls to realize since it’s his candidate that has produced the worst recovery in recent memory, an explosion of those living in poverty and those on food stamps.

    I’m sorry, but I can no longer buy or watch anything this douche bag produces. He just insulted half his audience with this “clever” but idiotic rant, I hope that means he never works again.

    And I like Firefly.

  • Hope you didn’t like the Avengers movie. 🙂

  • Scott

    I did, though I found it completely shallow and unwatchable the second go-through. I already had to bite back my gag reflex watching Scarlet Johanssen knowing her politics; knowing Joss’ odious and insulting opinions I don’t know if I can.

    It makes no sense, Firefly comes across as practically designed as a Libertarian space fantasy. Many of those libertarians, like me, are turning to Romney, despite Gary Johnson being a good and decent man.

  • You don’t understand that there’s a difference between loving individual freedom and handing as much power as you can to wealthy powerful elites? Because last I watched Firefly (which I’ve watched like 4 times all the way through now I think, one of my favorite series ever!) it was all about honorable hardworking ordinary people trying to get by in a world run by superpowerful wealthy elites and given no help at all by a government that was indifferent to their interests and was willing to do fuck all to help anybody but the wealthy and superpowerful, letting dishonorable criminals run roughshod over everyday people so long as the super wealthy were protected.

    I don’t view Firefly as a libertarian dream of watching superpowerful wealthy elites being oppressed by the big bad government. I view it as about individuals struggling for freedom and to get by with honest work in the face of a corporatized monolith. Your mileage may vary.

    So anyway, you figure Romney won’t be making any cuts on education or health care or social spending? But don’t you actually want him to DO those things? Isn’t the operating theory that “severe conservative” Mitt will do whatever the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party in Congress wants him to do, despite his numerous promises to be a centrist who reaches out to work hard with Democrats?

  • I removed this comment because, on reflection, I decided it was inappropriate. JAE

  • Scott

    So anyway, you figure Romney won’t be making any cuts on education or health care or social spending? But don’t you actually want him to DO those things?

    Rolling back Obamacare isn’t rolling back “healthcare” it’s rolling back needless bureaucracy and bad rules. Real Healthcare and Obamacare are disjoint sets since the former is about making people healthy and the latter is about control.

    Neither does Mitt nor Ryan want to “Roll Back” education or social spending. In fact, many Libertarians have pointed out that even the most draconian budget Ryan came up with had multi-billion dollar increases in spending for these two (and entitlement spending also) year in and year out. The revised Ryan and Romney plans plan to spend even more. They just plan to spend much less than Obama while actually taking the Iron Boot of government off the neck of private industry so real jobs can be created.

    Like I said: everything Joss said in that sentence was an out-and-out lie. He’s smart enough to find out it’s an out-and-out lie but since he’s a douche nozzle and Obamazombie he won’t take the effort to educate himself.

  • Scott

    BTW, while “Firefly” certainly had it’s “wealthy elite” I don’t remember any (if at all) big corporations in it. The one time they “hit” an inner world they robbed a government hospital run for the wealthy elite. And anyone who’s lived in a socialist society can tell you that in ANY real socialist society (USSR, NK, China, Cuba, Venezuela) an “Animal Farm” situation arises where the party officials, their family and close friends are treated to the best in everything (food, housing, healthcare, education, …) while the people are left to starve, rob each other, kill each other so long as they don’t upset the elite.

    At let’s not forget what created the Reavers: the Alliance government. No, it wasn’t a big, bad corporation; it was the Government trying to weed out aggression and calm the populace of planets through the Pax chemical.

    Joss may have not wanted to make a truly Libertarian vision, and he might have gone more socialistic/anti-corporate if he’d had a few more seasons. But we’ll never know. The series as it stands now is more an indictment of big government/left wing policies than it is of “corporations”.

  • The world of Firefly, to me, looks EXACTLY like the world that the Ayn Rand followers and the “smaller government” crowd will actually create if given a chance, regardless of their intent or their rhetoric.

    In fact it’s pretty clear that’s NOT their intent. It’s just pretty clear that that’s the inevitable RESULT THEY WILL GET if they have their way: It’s called the “law of unintended consequences.” What I believe the lassez-faire types will generate, REGARDLESS OF THEIR GOOD INTENTIONS, will be a government for the wealthy, by the wealthy, and fuck anybody who’s sick, hungry, or uneducated. You know, just like in the world of Firefly.

    You don’t have to believe that. I do. So does Joss apparently, and he wrote the series: a world where the vast majority of people are completely on their own and unprotected and desperately impoverished with no hope or access to resources to better themselves, and are left to struggle just to make it alive to the next day. In this barren wasteland, a few people struggle to maintain their honor in the face of an unjust system that acts only to help the haves and where those that have-not deserve nothing but a kick in the nuts and a hearty “fuck you, losers,” at best, and where the only justice is street justice because law enforcement and rights-protection exist only for those who have the money to buy it.

    Mind you, that’s just what guys like me think. Whedon himself admits his own art, like most art, is subject to interpretation, and he’s seen descriptions of his work that don’t match what’s in his head but that he sees merit in. So you know, while you’re watching all these stories of big wealthy powerful elitists either putting the screws to everyday folks, or completely neglecting the poor, the uneducated, and the sick, you see the “dangers of big government.” I see the dangers of lassez-faire capitalism run amock.

    Fortunately we live in a society where we settle these disputes with ballots instead of bullets. And it’s starting to look like you’re going to win this one, regardless of how I vote. I’ll just remind you of the old adage, “be careful what you wish for.” 😉

    But more to the point: your sense of humor is calling. It misses you. 😉

  • Scott

    How did Ayn Rand get dragged into this?

    Dean, not all (or most) Libertarians are Ayn Rand fans. Even those who are recognize that it’s not “the rich” that she’s celebrating; it’s “the productive”. There are many, many “rich” in her books who are not productive who get rich because they believe the “right” things and are government cronies. As there are many working class in her books who are heroes because they are productive. In fact one of the best speeches in “Atlas Shrugged” is delivered by Francisco d’Anconia to a high society party of rich government cronies.

    Finally, “Atlas Shrugged” like “1984” is a cautionary tale about what happens if we keep going under the assumptions we hold. Too bad Obama and his cronies view it as an instruction manual.

    Back to Joss Whedon. It’s funny how we as storytellers when we try to put the ideas and story we’re trying to impart into a believable framework sometimes end up with something that is at odds with the ideas that initiated that story’s creation.

    Joss may have wanted to create a world were a cautionary tale is told of the “dangers of capitalism” but that’s not what he ended up with. Despite his quasi-socialist leanings he ended up indicting Big Government as tyranny (which any kind of socialism above a small, willing group ends up being) and supporting the Libertarian/Conservative viewpoint. That’s because he had to make his story believable, so it had to operate under certain laws of reality so it ended up contradicting leftism. Which reality always does.

  • Okay, having had a chance to calm down and reflect on this a bit I’ve come to a conclusion: lots of people out there are bugnutz crazy. There are people out there who seriously believe a Romney win will be The End of the World. There are people out there who seriously believe an Obama win will be The End of the World.

    Get f**king real. These people need to be institutionalized for their own safety and that of society as a whole.

    Republicans are going to strip away abortion rights, legalize rape (Author John Scalzi has endorsed Obama because he is part of the “anti-rape party”- seriously). Sell the population into chattel slavery to support the super-rich and let corporations run wild as they reduce everyone to paupers and pollute the earth into an uninhabitable swamp (never mind where they’re going to live when they are done).

    Democrats are going to strip away all our freedoms, force us to become complacent robots in a perfectly-ordered society run by the anointed elites who will tell us what we can eat, where we can live, how much we can have and when we must die while they collapse the economy into endless ruin and jail any who have the temerity to complain or question the benevolence of their rule.


    Dean suggested a Constitutional Convention not long ago. I am opposed because extremists of both stripes would have enormous influence on the outcome- the only way I would support a Constitutional Convention is if it began with a solid 50 to 100,000 hangings.

    Everybody needs to take a deep breath and look at how damned foolish they are all being.

  • I also oppose a Constitutional Convention for the same reason John mentions. Among many other things we would have the right trying to add a ban on abortion and the left trying to rewrite the Second Amendment to ban guns.

    It would be a lose lose situation for all people. The only possible winner would be the party in power. No thanks, the Constitution has been trampled enough as it is.

    Other than that I have no comment other than to say that the video is inaccurate left propaganda at best, and at worst a complete joke.

  • Well dang… maybe one more comment.

    To expose just one of Whedon’s lies about Romney’s commitment. He using failed past policy that has been a major factor in this country’s financial ruin to paint Romney as a bogeyman to be feared.

    But it’s his commitment to ungoverned corporate privilege that will nosedive this economy into true insolvency and chaos.

  • The main thing I find amusing is that here I’m being attacked for the (absolutely hilarious, seriously you people need to get a fucking sense of humor) “Zomney” ad, and meanwhile I got friends on Facebook calling me a Right Wing Talking Points spouting Sean Hannity clone for posting the anti-Obama zinger just above it.

    “Bugfuck crazy” to me includes blowing your stack over videos meant to be ironic and funny just because you don’t agree with the point of view being put forth.

    I’ll write on why I mention Ayn Rand and her deranged, zany, really bugfuck crazy stupid ideas some other time. Maybe if I ever get back to the masochistic self-torture of reading the excruciatingly awful Atlas Shrugged, where it’s impossible to tell which is worse: the godawful story, or the godawful fact-deprived philosophy undergirding it.

    I stand by my characterization of Firefly, which is still one of the best series’ ever. 😉