Drunk Nate Silver

I’m sorry, but if you don’t think this is funny, you are just too butthurt to realize the sun really still will come up tomorrow. Believe in your country, laugh at your follies as well as the follies of your foes, love your children and your neighbors, and get on with your life, which is in the end much too short to indulge yourself in needless pain caused by not always getting your way. Live to fight another day, and remember always: we’re only human.

Captain of our fairy band,
Helena is here at hand,
And the youth, mistook by me,
Pleading for a lover’s fee.
Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Drunk Nate Silver predicted I would quote that back in May, by the way, but for some odd reason he was off on the iambic pentameter.

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  • Strange as this may sound coming from me, I think we as a nation need to follow Obama’s plan.

    The way I see it he is either right, or he’s wrong, and whatever gets agreed to will not be exactly what the Democrats want. It will either work or it won’t- it’s time to roll the dice. I don’t think it really matters who is President or what party is in control right now because we are at a turning point… so let’s turn and see what happens.

    It’s so much better than being bitter.

  • Scott

    John Eddy,

    I *might* be up for that, the suggestion that we “give” Obama and the Democrats what they want and see what happens. The problem is, if their plans make America more prosperous and more free (highly unlikely for either) they’ll take the credit; if the most likely outcome happens and the Dems lead us to more stagnation or even ruin they’ll just “blame Bush” as a lot of my Dem friends are doing in the wake of the stock market shrinking and people laying off people post-election because of Obamacare.

    And the sad thing is with the media, entertainment industry and school unions on their side they’ll convince the low-information voters that it really was the minority party’s fault.

  • John: Drunk Nate Silver predicted some guy in New Hampshire would say that on November 9.

    Drunk Nate Silver recently looked at a boy who said “I wanna be a fireman when I grow up” and said “Yep, 2026, plus or minus 1.” The boy looked confused.

    Scott: Blaming the previous administration and the other party is pretty much how the game is played in this country, and always will be until we do things like get rid of FTPT and a few other things…

    Drunk Nate Silver recently said “Power outage in 5, 4, 3, 2….”

    C’mon dude, lighten up and have a laugh for fuck’s sake. I’ve voted in every Presidential election since 1984, and voted Mondale, Dukakis, Marrou, Dole, Bush, Bush, Obama. Which means I’m batting .500, which I guess is pretty good. I got used to losing on issues I felt very very passionate about a long, long time ago. It’s the price we pay for submitting to self-governance: sometimes, no matter how reasonable rational and correct your opinion simply must be, you lose anyway. It’s democracy in action. The system has proven itself remarkably resilient in self-correcting if things get too fucked up. Really, it has. Lighten up and fucking laugh dude, or you’ll die a really miserable and much-too-early death.

  • Drunk Nate Silver doesn’t get angry, he merely regresses to the mean.

  • queenofallevil

    .375 – if you voted McCain in 2008 (which is who I thought you said you voted for in 2008)
    .429 – if you abstained in 2008
    .500- if you voted Obama in 2008 as well as now…

  • Jerry: LMFAO!

    Queenie: Oops, I obviously miscounted. I’ve voted in 8 Presidential elections, and voted for the winner only 3 times, not 4. That’s 3/8 and would thus be a .375.

    So I’ve lost more often than I’ve won, and it goes deeper than that because I vote in primary elections and midterms and I frequently don’t get my way there either. This year I voted in the primaries for Newt Gingrich. Didn’t get my way. Waah. Oh well.

    John Eddy’s got the most sane attitude. It’s also, frankly, the most patriotic attitude: consider the fact that you might be wrong, and hope the country does well despite your misgivings. The universe does not center around your desires or whatever seems obviously correct to you.

    I remember reading David Horowitz’s amazing autobiography Radical Son wherein he talked about his slow transition from the radical left to the center-right. (He eventually went from center-right to radical right, but that wasn’t until later.) He wrote about how in 1980 when he and others campaigned heavily against Reagan and were sitting stunned in campaign headquarters when they watched the returns and saw Reagan had won. One of his friends raised a glass in a toast to Reagan and said “Here’s to the hopes that the country prospers under Reagan after all,” and he was disgusted that not a single other person in the room raised their glasses or did anything but stare sullenly at him like angry children. By ’84 he was voting Republican.

    Whiny babies are whiny babies. Get the fuck over it and get a fucking grip is my attitude. And learn how to fucking laugh at yourself for fuck’s sake.

  • jrogge

    Drunk Nate Silver dropped his wallet. Obama’s face was on the 500 dollar bill!

  • Scott

    C’mon dude, lighten up and have a laugh for fuck’s sake.

    Dean, except for an ill thought out comment here on election night (which I did apologize for. If for nothing else the language) I’ve “lightened up” pretty well. I’ve just done what I do in all situations where politics or war happens: I go on with my life and largely ignore the events I can’t in any way control.

    BTW, you want to get rid of “First Past The Post” election system (which is also involved in the electoral college)? I thought you supported the EC. I still do even though my guy won.