Honeybadger Files Episode 1: The Wooly Bumblebee

The Men’s Rights Movement is a growing phenomenon that includes not just men of all races, creeds, colors, and political persuasions, but also a shocking number of women–and not women who are driving their own gynocentric agenda but have shown through word and action that they are capable of tolerating criticism of women, can criticize feminism without demanding that men be their White Knight saviors and protectors, might (in a few cases) even call themselves feminists but refuse to throw temper tantrums and make vile or condescending accusations when someone is critical of feminism, and have shown that they are capable of putting men’s and boys’ interests on the agenda for real and not just as an afterthought, and without the appallingly condescending and bigoted blather about how “The Patriarchy Hurts Men Too.”

Not all of these women call themselves MRAs, but many do, and many others have shown an openness and a willingness to listen and discuss without the bullshit about how it’s all really about “women’s oppression” or their own problems, and without the deplorable habit of comparing the status of privileged middle class white women with that of minorities like gays, transgendered people, and people of color. It is my desire to learn more about these women and what really makes them tick.

This is the first video in that planned series. I already have at least four others who’ve agreed to do interviews and I have barely begun. I’m open to more suggestions but keep in mind that I’m already backlogged! But here’s my first subject: The Wooly Bumblebee!

Warning: Kristina uses naughty language freely, and so do I.

The Wooly Bumblebee, also known as “TruthAndOblivion” or just plain Kristina, recently appeared on the Men’s advocacy scene. She’s caused a firestorm of criticism from many directions, but I found her funny, warm, charming, flawed, endearing, and very human, in private conversation as well as this interview. You can find her YouTube Channel here, and her comics (some of which are very funny) right here.

As a side note, here’s a supplemental video about an incident that came up during the editing process of this first video of the series which may clear up any confusion you have about that one-hitter I’m smoking, and which by the way may also help some of you improve your health. No really.

Thanks to John the Other for some of his video editing help, and thanks to Roger O. Thornhill for the cool graphic, which will be available in a slightly different form on the A Voice for Men postering wall soon.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here, and once again you can subscribe to Kristina’s channel here.

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  • ArnoldHarris

    Dean, I clearly perceive this men’s rights movement has become an obsession for you. Having been through two marriages, a short one 50 years ago and a very long one that has helped sustain me into old age, I am in position to report, with some degree of accuracy, that obsessions become killers of human relationships quicker than you can say “don’t bother me while I’m cleaning my guns”, or some such similar way of shoving your significant other into a simulated freezer of domestic hostility.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  • Scott


    I respectfully disagree. I’ve been following Dean on this issue (and not just on this blog) and I don’t think it’s an “obsession” but more of a “passion” (and one of many passions Dean has apparently). And you miss the other side of the coin, shared passions (or obsessions) can actually make a couple grow together stronger.

    Dean: it isn’t the “Tar and other chemicals that are in there” that’s the big problem; it’s the combustion. I only bring this up because the pot smokers I know (and I support their right to smoke pot, just not around me because I’m both highly allergic to it and I just don’t want or need the mind-dulling affects) claim that marijuana smoking is absolutely benign and not harmful. When I bring up that it also puts “tar” in your lungs they don’t believe me because they believe it’s “Big Tobacco” actually putting tar like they use on roads in the cigarette.

    I have to correct them constantly (and sometimes the same people. Hey, they’re pot smokers!) that it’s the combustion (Tar, free radicals etc.) that gets them.


  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Arnold: What? I was too busy cleaning my guns to hear you. 😉

    Seriously: If you can listen to that interview with that pretty young woman telling her story and conclude that the problem is with me, well, OK then. But either there is truth to what we are discussing, or there is not.

    In reviewing The Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics:


    …I’d have to categorize your suggestion under the “Threat of Withheld Affection (Code Pink).” (AKA “No woman will want you.”)

    I do not, anymore, give a damn whether the Democrats or the Republicans hold political power in Washington DC (I really, really don’t), nor do I give a flying fuck about the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Natural Law Party, the US Taxpayer party or any of them. I just don’t give a rat’s ass except in the most cerebral, intellectually curious ways as to which set of fuckwits is going to be in charge this cycle and which the next. On the issues that matter most to me, none of the political parties in this country are making any sense to me anymore on the national level.

    I will say this: you are a man of many years experience and have wisdom I can learn from, but at the same time you are of a generation that held very different attitudes and grew up in very different circumstances than I did and, more importantly, much different than what my sons are growing up in. I am more concerned about them than anyone. (And I’d be a little worried about your own sons if I were you, though from what I hear they’re doing OK.)

    I do most of my writing on these issues over at A Voice for Men ( http://www.avoiceformen.com ). Only when I have something particularly interesting I’ve done on this issue do I write about it here.

    We’re cutting the first episode of my new radio show with Typhonblue tonight, it’ll be out on Wednesday. It’s called “Tales from the Infrared, Geek Culture from a Red Pill Perspective.” You can either listen and enjoy it, or not. But this is who I am, and this is my passion.

    Not that I won’t shoot the shit over politics and music and other things here on this blog still sometimes, but really? Scott’s right, it is my passion.

    Scott: Yeah, I know. It’s a bunch of stuff. There’s even radioactivity in there. The notion that pot is absolutely harmless is silly. The problem with a lot of pot legalization advocates is that they smoke too much pot. 😉

  • Thom Emery

    Kristina’s daddy sounds a whole lot like Arnold Harris to me. I’ll bet they would have liked each other! :-)