The Power of the Internet

My 80 year old father just told me that he never really understood me until he friended me on facebook.

Is that awesome, or pathetic?

I’m going with awesome!

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  • Dean Esmay

    I’m going with awesome.

    Tales of the demise of Facebook are greatly exaggerated. It’s the easiest on-ramp into social networking there is.

  • Titfortat

    I’d go with awesome. Considering your father’s generation and the trouble men would have communicating, I think the anonymity of the internet allows them a way to do this without feeling threatened. It would be much more difficult for your father to gain access to this kind of information in real time without feeling vulnerable. Vive la Internet, Awesome!!!


  • Sandi

    It is both awesome and pathetic.

    Awesome for you and your dad. Pathetic describes Facebook’s treatment of those who use it. I use Facebook but only have my name, no age address or other information. My photo is not me. Facebook apps gather everything about you: where you live, how old you are, where you went to school, where you work, etc, as well as everything you say on FB. My only purpose is to keep track of family.

    Even if you don’t use any FB apps, likely some of your friends do. Because your FB friends use apps, that app not only get all the information about them, but all the total info gathered from you, and all of that person’s other friends info. In turn the apps can use your information to sell products, or sell your info to a third party.

    All your information, and all photos uploaded to FB become the sole property of FB. Say you hit the “Like Button” for a freinds photo of a hot girl with a jar of KY jelly: Facebook can use your personal photo along with the girl with the KY in a ad, and you cannot do anything about it. You gave that authority to them when you accepted their TOS.

    The only internet company to gather and store more personal info about you is Google, but that is another story. Do not ever hit a Like Button, unless you want FB to sell all of yours and your friends information.