Apple: Made In America?

I remember well when Apple Computer bragged that its computers were all made in the USA. Then they stopped that completely and the late Steve Jobs pledged that they would never do that again. He’s dead less than a year, and Apple is looking to start manufacturing in the US again.

There was a time when we called that patriotism. How the times have changed.

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  • Scott

    You know, I’m quite sick of the pseudo-patriotic, overtly-fascist “patriotism” being pushed by the President and his supporters these days.

    I mean, to them it’s “patriotic” to “pay your fair share” (whatever that means) without complaint while it’s unpatriotic or outright treason to complain about a government that is over-spending (just look at the response to the Tea Party). It’s patriotic to bring your production line back to the states even if it destroys your company while it’s unpatriotic or outright treason to argue for Right to Work laws because it harms Big Union.

    It really is disgusting an unAmerican.

  • Shades of 6-10 years ago in mirror form. It’s so bizarre…

  • Scott


    I am not making this shit up.

    That was easy to find, just a few seconds with Google. Maybe you should do that before you compare me with those leftie fuck-wits who chased Bush and his supporters around making every horrid accusation possible.

    In fact it’s not surprising that these claims are being made by the same deranged fuck-wits considering what they did to Bush.

    Also Remember: “They’ll put you back in chains!” and the Fascist union violence in Michigan, Wisconson etc. etc. the left is seriously deranged and dangerous. They have been since 2001.

  • Scott,

    I will agree with you if you mean the far-left progressives, and not a broad brush for the Democratic party. While far right Republicans have said things that have made me cringe as well, the majority of the way-out-there is on the left.

    As for “made in the USA” being patriotic, I don’t buy it ( not that it isn’t a good idea, better to support at home ). The “buy America” and “made in the USA” I think was seen more in commercials and ads than anywhere else.

  • Scott


    When I say “lefties” I usually mean a subset of the Democratic party. I don’t know the percentage, but I do know that 66% of the DNC believed Bush was behind 9/11. Now, while it might be easy to include this 66% in the population I’m excoriating, I won’t do it. I’m really talking about another subset, that of that 66% who were true-blue believers of Bush’s “nefarious” design and now the Tea Party’s “racsim”. A good indicator is whether they watch, and take seriously, Ezra Klein.

    So, no, not all Democrats and even not most Democrats. Just the angry, hateful extremist minority that has hijacked the DNC these last 12 years.

  • Perfect example of “far-left patriotism.”

    Douglas Geiss, MI House Democrat threat when right to work passed: “there will be blood. There will be repercussions.”

    Steve Crowder’s blood:

    WH Press Secretary Jay Carney: “‘There will be blood’ might not mean real blood.”

  • Scott


    Jonah Goldberg puts it well :

    A Democratic senator hired an unpaid intern who was an undocumented immigrant but a documented sex offender. Apparently Senator Menendez needed an immigrant to do sex offending that Americans won’t do.

    Meanwhile, Representative Jim Moran is “embarrassed” by the revelation that his voter-fraud-orchestrating son smashed his girlfriend’s face into a garbage can and pleaded guilty to assault. The girlfriend appears to be doing what she can to make the story go away. But don’t worry, the phrase “war on women” may still only be used to describe people who don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control. No word if anyone on the left will be expressing their gratitude for the Violence Against Women Act for this.

    Over in Michigan, defenders of the union protestors who tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent are heading toward trutherism, suggesting that it was all a set up, the canvas-and-rope equivalent of the Reichstag fire. No word yet if anyone is claiming the Jews inside the tent got advance notice.

    Oh, and after months — nay years — of rhetoric from the president and his proxies about how taxes are simply a sign of neighborliness and the dues we pay to live in this great country, we learn that Obama’s staff owe nearly a million dollars in back taxes.

    And the Republicans are losing to these guys.

    It’s not true that the left was nuts during the Bush years and now the right is nuts during the Obama years. The angry nuts (from MSNBC, to Ezra Klein, to Paul Krugman, Pelosi, Reid even Obama himself) *run* the Democratic Party. You’d have to go digging into the vanishingly small minority of people in the RNC who “consider” themselves Republicans (yet have zero power in the party ) who are really nutty quasi-militia people to find a comparison.

    The angry, hateful nuts run the DNC to the detriment of the majority of Democratic voters.

  • Hoffies

    Yes, it’s patriotic to be uncompetitive and produce goods for a higher cost than you otherwise could. Actually not it’s not; it’s retarded.

    • Sure, because outsourcing all our manufacturing to slaves and indentured servants and children in sweat shops overseas is so much better than doing things to in some way protect American jobs from that kind of competition.

  • Sure, because outsourcing all our manufacturing to slaves and indentured servants and children in sweat shops overseas is so much better than doing things to in some way protect American jobs from that kind of competition.

    You can thank unions for most of the outsourcing, as well as a lot of other detriments to the workplace.

    Right-to-work means that unions can’t require an employee be fired for declining to pay union dues or agency fees, while maintaining a union’s ability to collectively bargain.

    Right-to-work offers in-state opportunities for young workers. Between 2000 and 2011, right-to-work states have seen an increase of 11.3 percent in the number of residents between the ages of 25-34, according to the Bureau of the Census. Non-right-to-work states, over that same period of time, have seen an increase of only 0.6 percent.

    Right-to-work means increasing wages. Private-sector, inflation-adjusted employee compensation in right-to-work states has grown by 12.0 percent between 2001-2011, according to data taken from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics. That compares with just 3.0 percent over the same period in forced-unionization states.

    Right-to-work means low unemployment. Between 1999 and 2009, non-farm private-sector employment grew 3.7 percent in right-to-work states, but decreased 2.8 percent in non-right-to-work states. Further, the vast majority of jobs created during the Obama administration have been in states with a right-to-work law. According to the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, right-to-work states (excluding Indiana, which passed a right-to-work law in early 2012) “were responsible for 72 percent of all net household job growth across the U.S. from June 2009 through September 2012.”

    Right-to-work makes states more attractive for business. States with right-to-work laws dominate the “Top States for Business,” as determined by CNBC. For 2012, nine out of the top 10 best states for business are right-to-work states. By contrast, Michigan is currently 33.

  • Hoffies

    @Dean: USA still does heaps of manufacturing bro. You just don’t waste your skilled labour on basic shit like making cheap toys or cutlery. Why on earth would make stuff for a higher cost than you otherwise could? If you’re worried about jobs, firstly far more unemployment has come from general productivity increases than outsourcing; secondly there are much better ways to maintain full employment than deliberately producing stuff for higher cost. All that does is kill competitiveness and bend over future generations because they will have lower living standards than they otherwise would.

    Btw this whole process benefits that “slave labour” more than anyone; people who once had nothing now have jobs and a small income; with time they will progress up the production chain and start manufacturing more high tech stuff, and eventually become developed countries; this is what the japs and koreans did.