Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

I often wonder why people think that the part of the 10 commandments about not bearing false witness is about lying. No, while lying isn’t kosher, it’s about about not bearing false witness, such as the false witness that caused the persecution of this boy.

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  • Ruth H

    This happened to my grandson. He was in the USAF and in Afghanistan when she accused him. His superiors believed him but he was brought home to his base and there he stayed for the next three years, he got his regular stripes and raises but it stopped his career for the AF completely. He even got regular leave. After even a false accusation things have to take their course. The girls is never punished. He did not get the combat pay he was entitled to. And while his wife stuck by him at the time they are now divorced and have a son 3, with twins almost 2. A divided family. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it but I cannot help but know it was a force in both their reactions to each other. The girl did not want to admit her involvement with a boy and since he was a “friend” of her brothers she chose him to accuse. There was no recourse for him but a provided AF Jag and to wait out the paperwork and investigation.

  • Dean Esmay

    We live in a culture that enables false accusers against men. It’s gotten steadily worse for decades. It’s necessary to speak out against these things. Mary Kellett’s one of the most egregious examples we’ve ever come across, but she’s hardly unique.

  • Ruth H

    You may know more than I about this type thing but apparently it is EXTREMELY common among all the military. My grandson has a cousin who worked with these cases in another branch of the service. When it first happened she assured him it would be alright, that they were common accusations and the military had much experience with them. She said most are resolved but it always takes well over 2 years. That is just horrible for those men who are so accused, they have no recourse.

  • Dishman

    Perhaps my last comment on ‘Forgiveness’ belongs here instead, or as well.