The Closing of the Higher Ed Mind

If you want an explanation of the likes of PZ Meyers and his strange little “FreeThoughtBlogs” and “AtheismPlus” cult, there’s no better I’ve seen. It also matches my personal experience; it’s amazing how much of an intellectual bubble most people in the supposed intellectual elite often inhabit.

It would be tempting to feel sorry for these people since they don’t know they exist in an intellectual bubble, but the whole point of a University is supposed to be to expose you to a wider world, not constrict it.

(Link thanks to PolkaDotHighRise over on AVfM, where we’re covering recent violent fascist censoring thuggery on a Toronto campus.)

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  • PolkaDotHighRise

    Unfortunately after browsing some of the other videos from the channel where I found that I was left disgusted. A few were REALLY asinine.

    Looked like they were mostly neocon drivel straight out of the mouths of the Koch brothers and/or just straight up predidictable and standard neocon ultra right wing garbage.

    But alas, some cross fade between ideas is bound to happen in a good way at times.

    I’m a “leftist loon” and an MRA as well. I’m glad to see there are more of us figuring this stuff out.

    I’m especially glad you popped up among MRAs as men’s rights activists needed a good swift kick in the ass to break out of the solely Republican line of thinking within the movement.

    It was getting majorly annoying.

    Thanks for crediting me for putting that link up, and thank you for all the great work you’re doing for men’s rights.

    • Dean Esmay

      I credit the right with this: figuring out that there was something wrong with the “The Patriarchy” theory and the notion that women have been oppressed for thousands of years by men. And for staunchly standing by the notion that there are differences between the sexes and that the whole notion that everything is socialized into us is asinine.

      But that doesn’t make the Right right about everything. In fact they aren’t, and the way the American political system drives demonization of The Other does not help us.

      The fact is we need people of all political, philosophical, theological orientation on this. (Well, almost all.) For some, maybe they have to remain staunchly right wing because that’s just who they are. OK, well, they can speak to that audience. Others of us can speak to other audiences. Or so I think.

      Liberal/lefties don’t trust me any more than righties do though, bear that in mind. I did vote for Bush. Twice. 😉

  • queenofallevil

    Help, help…I’m being oppressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!

    Neo con drivel, eh? You know what they call a leftist loon member of the MRA? A Republican. 😉

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    Truth be told, I’m just a quasi-pseudo-con(ifer) amphibian-ish simian…with a strong disdain for neocons.

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    “You know what they call a leftist loon member of the MRA? A Republican.”

    This is true. I actually do get accused of that a lot. LOL

  • queenofallevil

    Of course, you do. You’re a lefty that left the loon plantation in this area. I mean if you aren’t a feminist…then the lefties will eventually toss you out of the kewl club.

    Out of curiousity…do you actually know what neo-con is or do you think it is just an insulting way to refer to a Republican?

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    @ queen – It’s increasingly apparent you aren’t looking for any answers. I will no longer respond to your loaded, confrontational, and rhetorical questions.

  • Sandi

    It’s increasingly apparent you aren’t looking for any answers.

    It is increasingly apparent you don’t know what a neocon is.

  • PolkaDotHighRise

    @ Sandi and Queen,

    Nag much?

  • Dishman

    In reading this thread, it occurs to me that there’s something to be said for situational alliances.

  • Dean Esmay

    Polka: The Queen there was just poking fun at you, you’re taking her gentle ribbing far to seriously.

    And let me tell ya something, if that bitch were nagging you, EVERYONE would know it. (She’s my ex-. LOL.) And Sandi’s a Republican too–did I mention I have Republican friends? 😉

    “Neocon” by the way used to just mean “a liberal who turned hawkish on defense issues.” These days it seems to mean nothing in specific at all that I can figure out. Much like the word “feminism,” it appears to mean whatever the person saying it means the moment they say it, and whatever the listener wishes to infer whenever they hear it. Not useful for clear communication. Or so I think.

    In any case I agree with you that speaking about men’s and boys’ issues has for too long been the exclusive province of the Right, and that’s actually a problem unless we’re under some delusion that the entire country is going to start voting Republican across the board. (And Republicans aren’t really our friends either, as I wish some MRAs would figure out.)

  • queenofallevil

    Sandi – Yup!

    Polka – I was asking a serious question as well as making an observation. It was neither rhetorical nor loaded. It appeared to me that you did not know what a neo-con was. And if asking you a direct question is “confrontational” then you’ve got some serious issues. I would call it conversational not confrontational. I guess the fact that I’m lacking a penis makes it confrontational to you – sorry, can’t help that. I am a woman.

    So, you may certainly continue to ignore my queries, that’s fine by me but I wasn’t attacking or insulting you in anyway so calling me a nag was out of line. Just cuz you’re in a He Man Woman Haters club does not mean you have to be a jerk to any woman who deigns to speak to you.

    Here’s a tip – invest in a good dictionary so you don’t continue to misuse the English language, since it’s clear you don’t know what rhetorical, confrontational and Neo-con mean. I’m sure you have other words to look up as well.

    Now I’m being a nag! (and confrontational, loaded and rhetorical as well)