The Boys’ Crisis

Yes, it is real.

It’s been growing for decades, people began sounding the alarm well over a decade ago, and found that being polite about it doesn’t work.

So hey, assholes, listen up: this is happening, OK? Stop burying your heads in the fucking sand and marginalizing and demeaning and demonizing and drugging the most vulnerable, least privileged among us: our young boys.

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  • PolkaDotHighRise

    Not sure if you’ve seen this, but here is another tangentially (which doesn’t mention the F word) related video I think you might enjoy that gives a theory of how this has evolved,

    Feminism appears to have been in Normalization mode for quite some time.

    Schools are incubators for feminism/misandry.
    Graduates influence/dictate media and law.

    To me, this is the core issue in the MRM.

  • Dishman

    I caught the early comment on “zero-sum game” as a basis for this.

    It appears to me that seeing the universe that way is deeply toxic.

  • Dishman

    There is no crisis. They just need to be treated with heavier dosages of psychotropic drugs until they behave properly.


  • Scott

    It’s distressing in a world that just exited a century where drugging (or declaring “insane”) the “Other” represented by political dissidents and other troublesome “Others” that feminists and their allies don’t recognize their own “othering” of boys. Simple fact, you don’t drug or throw into an asylum those who are your “tribe” no matter how troublesome, you do it to those dehumanized “Others” at the slightest provocation or annoyance.

  • Dean Esmay

    It’s the Stalinist way.

    I hate using that kind of rhetoric (I tried to get past being inflammatory when I gave up my drinking career) but god fucking damn it if people won’t pay attention any other way, then that’s what I’ll do.

  • Ron Coleman

    I wonder how much of this has to do with the decline of Ol’ Tyme Religion? You know, the patriarchal kind, like we have in my house.