Quiet on the Set!

Have been working on postproduction for a major interview I did about a week ago, so if you’re wondering where I’ve been, that’s it.

I’m hoping to release tomorrow. Stay tuned.

(And I will never, ever take the term “post-production” lightly again. Holy cow. There’s a reason they give people Oscars for film editing. No, I don’t mean I deserve one, I have just developed a new appreciation for just how much work it is to put together even a somewhat professional video.)

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  • Jack Snyder

    And while you’re waiting for Dean’s interview to be released, click on the link below to watch the trailer to a feature film titled, “Fatal Call”, that I wrote, directed, and edited. It stars Jason London, Kevin Sorbo, and Danielle Harris. It screened at Cannes this past May. And yes, editing, foley, scoring, and sound mixing, is an unbelievable amount of work.

  • Scott


    I’ve had loads of respect for the unsung heroes of the post-production editing crew for a long time (and pretty much anyone “behind” the camera as they work 4x as hard for barely any money compared to those in front of the camera). I had a friend in my undergrad days who was going to school to work for an advertising firm (to make, specifically, commercials) and he did some intern work on commercials. Even though it was for ~30 sec commercials he described long days, weekends, and weeks of a processes of going “back and forth”. He summed it up as “Part pure Heaven and part pure Hell”.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    He summed it up as “Part pure Heaven and part pure Hell”.


    My piffling effort won’t be up to his snuff most likely but I get it now, I get it!

  • http://www.jerrykindall.com/ Jerry Kindall

    I know a bit about video production thanks to the videos I was involved with for Quality Computers.

    Yep, the amount of work that goes into even a short well-produced video is crazy, and there are a ton of specialized skills involved. None of them is particularly difficult to grasp the basics of (and doing so will give you a huge leap in quality) but most are difficult to truly master and there are a ton of them.

    Lighting is a great example. It’s easy to understand a basic 3-point lighting setup, and deploying one will do a lot for your videos. But to really do it well is a lot of work and very subtle.