Don’t get me wrong, I like crazy people, except…

…when they inflict their crazy on the real world. I mean, holy crap. That poor guy!

(By the way, I categorically deny that my Lizard People CIA Bilderberger Rothschild Zionist Masters in the Vatican instructed me to say this.)

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  • suz

    Good men are so useful. You can hide behind them, help yourself to their assets, ride their coattails, and target them for abuse. And you can count on their goodness to keep them from getting nasty and saying, “No!”

  • Scott

    Yes, these people coming up with conspiracy theories are nuts. But it doesn’t change the fact that there are nuts on both sides of this issue. Just as there are paranoid gun nuts who think “‘dere comin’ fer mah gunz!” there are magical-thinking gun-control nuts like Piers Morgan and Governor Cuomo who think banning scary-looking guns will solve all our violence problems.

  • Agreed.

  • Yes Scott, but not any more nuts that the people who determine what guns need to be banned. Where they come up with the logic is incomprehensible. If I hated crazy people I would have to hate them.

    Both of these AR-15s came off the same assembly line, and this first one is an illegal assault weapon.

    But this second one isn’t because it doesn’t have the bit metal under the front sight to attach a bayonet.

    Last is my own legal gun, a Browning BAR 9mm magnum. It has about 3 times the bullet velocity ( 3000 FPS ), range and killing power than above, or most other assault riffles. It just doesn’t look nasty, and “assault weapons” are all about looks, not power or usefulness.