Drunk Girl Video Generates Controversy

A recent video has been seen by millions on YouTube recently. The woman is unidentified, and rightly so. However, I’ve been witness to women behaving exactly like this. The scary thing is, had either of the men in this video taken her up on her demands, in many jurisdictions and in many radical feminist eyes they would have been considered guilty of rape.

Indeed, had a camera not been present and she became violently belligerent about it–which any seasoned drunk can tell you she’s at the edge of doing at any moment–and started screaming “rape” then odds are they’d be in jail now.

It appears to me from such things that we refuse to hold women accountable for their behavior while inebriated; a man is accountable for whatever he does while inebriated, and he is also accountable for whatever a woman does while she’s inebriated. Such is the social and legal climate of our times, anyway, with the presumption that women are essentially children in adult bodies, and men are presumed to be dangerous brutes. Many feminists claim to want women treated like adults, yet continue to put forth ludicrous standards which suggests that if a man has sex with a drunk woman, he’s raped her, whereas if a woman has sex with a man who’s drunk he’s merely lucky. (You know, lucky like James Landrith was lucky, huh?)

As I mentioned, I have personally encountered women who behave pretty much exactly like the woman in this video. I did not find anything odd or unusual about the video, I just felt relief for the men who were foolish enough to let her in the car, apparently unaware of just how much danger they were in by doing so.

Does any of this justify harassing or assaulting this woman, either while she’s drunk or later on when she sobers up? No it does not. But it illustrates the preposterous double standards we live under: we hold men accountable for their own behavior while drunk, and we hold men accountable for women’s behavior when women are drunk.

Perhaps we need to stop dumbing down the definition of rape and stop making it so gynocentric. That might be a start, anyway.

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  • suz

    I think this is the best, most concise commentary I have read about this video. The video speaks fer itself.

  • Ruth H

    That is just sickening to me. It tells me there may be no hope for the future. And you are so right, I’m surprised she hasn’t cried rape just from the video being posted. Girls are not brought up to respect themselves or anyone else. Always told they’re victims.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Back some years ago I was in a bar, a night club, with a girl literally following a guy around, drunk beyond belief, begging him to, and I quote “fuck me,” telling others, “I want him to fuck me” very loud, sobbing, pleading.

    Lack of self-respect? Sure. But it’s fascinating that we live in a time where if you suggest that there’s anything at all aberrant or wrong or dangerous about that sort of behavior, if you suggest that women should be treated like adults with agency and worthy of criticism, or worthy of being called out for bad judgement, you are (I’m not making this up) a “rape apologist” or a “misogynist.” (I’ve been called both. Repeatedly. In recent weeks.) And literally, there are policies in place that would make having sex with such a woman “rape” if a man went ahead and obliged her request.

    Of course if a woman has sex with a drunken man no such allegation of “rape” is ever used. As I mentioned, he is just considered “lucky.”