Isolating North Korea

So apparently, in Washington, they think that North Korea will become further isolated if it conducts planned nuclear testing.

You know, far be it from me to be too critical when I have no politically acceptable proposed alternatives (my own proposal of just taking out all their military installations in a single massive overnight strike not being very popular apparently), but would someone kindly explain to me just how possible it would be to isolate North Korea more than it already is? Carve the entire nation out of the Earth’s crust and put it into orbit? Relocate it to the moon perhaps?

I’m serious. Someone, tell me how you “further isolate” North Korea. I’m dying to know.

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  • Jerry Kindall

    North Korea does have formal diplomatic relations with more than 150 nations, and 25 nations actually have embassies in Pyongyang, including US allies (i.e., NATO members) Germany and the UK. Some of those 150+ countries send aid to North Korea, and it is even still technically possible for Westerners to visit the country. I think there’s plenty of room for further isolation…

  • fche

    Since you said you’re serious … finagle some way to get China to stop propping them up?

  • Sandi

    Not likely they will be further isolated. The WH is all bluster, just like “Osama bin Laden is dead, and al qaeda the run.” pfft! al qaeda is bigger and growing faster than ever.

  • bwohlgemuth

    I think we’re doing this wrong.

    Nope, we aren’t going to isolate you. In fact we’re going to do our damnedest to make sure your population knows how great it is on the outside. Let’s skip the “workers paradise” of distribution and start covertly dropping rice and other foods in random places all over North Korea.

    Maybe a few drones knock a few dozen holes in the prison camp fences…along with supplies to survive outside the camps. And maybe a few hundred dollars for the guards to look the other way.

  • Dean Esmay

    I doubt a single one of the countries giving NoKo money would cut what they’re giving if there’s a nuclear test. I seriously don’t believe it, and I don’t think they do either.

    Embassies in Pyongyang leaving would probably mildly affect the local city economy. But it is a gigantic Potemkin Village anyway. The entire country is essentially a prison camp and almost nothing gets in or out.

    I like bwohlgemuth’s idea, although it would almost certainly be seen as an act of war by the regime.

  • Classically Liberal Dave

    Believing that North Korea will be further isolated is the kind of naive optimism that has devastated our foreign policy. The kind of people who believe that North Korea can be further isolated are the kind of people who believed that Bashir Assad could be reasoned with. Or that believed Bashir Assad is any less of a totalitarian thug than his neighbors who are at least honest enough to not call themselves President when they are in fact King.

  • Brian Wohlgemuth

    We have stealth drones, stealth helicopters, and probably a host of other gizmos that could make North Korea paranoid for generations.

    Again, blow a few holes in a prison camp far away from prying eyes. Drop off a bunch of rations and such and instructions on how to avoid capture.

    • Dean Esmay

      My own view is that the much-vaunted missile and cannon arrays they’ve all got aimed at Seoul are (A) probably mostly non-functional, and (B) almost certainly at known positions, within millimeters. With sufficient desire, targeted strikes could likely debilitate them all with limited damage, especially if all their communications were jammed at the same time.

      The fact is we lack the political will to do so. I believe that future generations, especially Koreans, will curse us and many of their South Korean brethren for their commitment to “peace” with one of the most brutal, oppressive, and murderous regimes in world history.

      But I’ve given up faith in my fellow Americans. We will not act.

  • fche

    “My own view is that … most non-functional … known positions … debilitate with limited damage … all communications jammed”

    Dean, seriously, what if your omniscience fails you? Would you want to be responsible for the thousands or millions of dead?