Non-correlation Between Gun Laws & Murder Rate

Not surprisingly, yet another analysis shows that there’s very little overlap between strong gun control laws and the murder rate. For people who call themselves rationalists, I’m surprised how often they think banning guns is the answer.

I firmly believe, myself, that if it weren’t for the obscene way we fight the drug war, our murder rate would be much lower. The real problem is gang violence and the underground drug culture. Radical crazy belief I got there, right?

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  • suz

    What??? a link between prohibition and violence? Who could have predicted that?

  • fruitylips

    It’d also help if we plummet if we threw Chicago out of the Union.

    A link between prohibition, Chicago and violence? Who could’ve predictioned that.


  • What is irrational about demagoguery?

  • A provocative question, Ron.

    I think by its nature it isn’t entirely rational, but it may be that it’s a necessary thing. :-/

  • Are you sure there isn’t a correlation between strong gun control laws and the murder rate? I think there could be one, it’s just not the one gun control advocates want to see. Chicago had more murders last year than Iowa has had since January 1, 2001. Iowa’s population is 25% larger.

  • Dishman

    There are general human notions that the world has to work in certain ways. One of those is that something that immediately precedes something has to have some kind of causal relationship. Reducing the availability of the precursor ‘should’ reduce the incidence. Sometimes this is not the case, particularly when you’re talking about something as complex as society.

    As Dave noted, there is a growing body of evidence that in the case of guns, it is actually backwards. It may relate to the way widely available guns changes society itself.