Good sports

I’m not such a big sports fan. But I was when I was a teenager. Mostly regarding baseball. A little football, a little basketball. So I understand the games, the paradigms, the language. For this reason I like to listen to the mostly sophomoric sports talk radio stations, because it’s kind of “easy listening” for me — “news and information” being otherwise so mordantly depressing. And some of the personalities are engaging. As a former radio guy, it works for me.

Night game, NewarkA few things, though. A lot of these guys — and not only former athletes — really, really don’t talk so good the English. As a result, they rely a lot cliches. And mangle them terribly. It’s kind of funny. But the main “thing” is this: You’ll hear some of these guys going on with such seriousness, such profundity, such detail and, it seems, depth of analysis about stuff that is, well…

SO UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!  I don’t think I have to explain what I mean by this.

What a racket!

I wish I could be in on it.  Or some racket.

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