“Market share” is not the way to measure success

Technology considered “obsolete” can be quite profitable. For example, mechanical wristwatches are by far the most profitable type of wristwatch to make and sell, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I am often amused, after about 40 years of watching the tech industry, that anyone still thinks being most popular is the same thing as being most profitable, secure, or sustainable.

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  • I disagree. Market share is one way to measure success. It is not the only way to measure success. A Rolex is not a wristwatch. If the owner of a Rolex cared what time it was, they’d buy themselves a much cheaper and more accurate watch. The Rolex is a very expensive piece of jewelry that shouts the wearer’s status disguised as a functional object.

    Someone buys a watch so they can show up on time for appointments. Someone buys a Rolex so they can communicate their status and not wait a minute whether they’re 15 minutes early or late for the appointment.

    Also, I wonder what share of the men’s jewelry market is dominated by the mechanical wristwatch.

  • Probably a high percentage.

    I don’t like wearing a wristwatch but if I did wear one I’d want a mechanical one, not quite as a fancy piece of jewelry though, but more because of some of the other reasons mentioned in the article: the sheer geekery of a finely made mechanical device.