• http://www.aclassicalliberal.net Classically Liberal Dave

    I disagree. Market share is one way to measure success. It is not the only way to measure success. A Rolex is not a wristwatch. If the owner of a Rolex cared what time it was, they’d buy themselves a much cheaper and more accurate watch. The Rolex is a very expensive piece of jewelry that shouts the wearer’s status disguised as a functional object.

    Someone buys a watch so they can show up on time for appointments. Someone buys a Rolex so they can communicate their status and not wait a minute whether they’re 15 minutes early or late for the appointment.

    Also, I wonder what share of the men’s jewelry market is dominated by the mechanical wristwatch.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    Probably a high percentage.

    I don’t like wearing a wristwatch but if I did wear one I’d want a mechanical one, not quite as a fancy piece of jewelry though, but more because of some of the other reasons mentioned in the article: the sheer geekery of a finely made mechanical device.