The Forbidden History of Unpopular People

Things are looking scary in Australia:

I don’t think the governments are the only thing to fear in this area but a growing number of supposedly liberal democracies appear to be embracing things like this. There appears to be no big risk to that in the US right now but…

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  • While nobody is literally proposing that right now, it’s already close enough. Take all the people who call Fox News by a sarcastic name. Do you not think they are on the road to this point.

    Nobody has proposed such a nationwide committee here, at least not yet. But the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education leads me to believe that most college campuses already have one.

    There are two very different documentaries about nutrition and a popular fast food chain. Supersize Me and Fathead. I’m naturally skeptical of one of them, and haven’t made the effort to watch the one I’m skeptical of. Even though I’m skeptical of it, I don’t think it should be banned. I think people should watch both and make up their own minds.

  • There appears to be no big risk to that in the US right now but…

    You may not be paying attention.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks that we shouldn’t over consume, and he is far from alone.

    Non-left free speech has been diminishing on campus’ and getting worse all the time.

    You can find many more examples from both left and right, but by far the heart of it is from left progressives (although most are probably loath to admit it).

  • Sandi, I think I worded it clumsily because while I don’t think we have too much to worry about a national government body being created to monitor and censor, I -do- think we face a big risk from private entities doing same, and the universities are likely the biggest example of that. (Although they’re arguably a government/private hybrid, that’s true of almost all our big institutional bodies.)

    The universities, especially the big name ones, are pretty close to outright fascist or stalinist, no question about. Your little local community college probably varies, but at the big name universities PC thuggery appears to be at an all-time high there. Dissent is all right so long as it’s the right type of dissent. The last place in the world you’re likely to get a liberal education is on a major US university campus. And you don’t want to be caught male and having sex with or even flirting excessively with anyone female on one of those campuses.

    I only meant it doesn’t look like we have a direct attempt by the government itself to ban “offensive” speech. Our threats to free speech are largely from private institutions, including the universities and the likes of Google.