New Pope Chosen

The College of Cardinals has chosen the new successor to St. Peter in The Vatican. As of this writing the name has not been announced but live updates are being shown streaming here on the Vatican YouTube channel. Watch this space for an update as soon as we have it.

*Update*: Changed live stream link to go directly to the Vatican’s own live stream.

*Update 2*: The Vatican’s own YouTube channel appears overloaded for some. Here’s a Live Stream from The Guardian as an alternative if you’re having trouble.

*Update 3: As of 3:13pm Eastern time, the announcement is being made by Cardinal Protodeacon Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran. The new Pope chosen is Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires–the first Pope in history from the Americas! He is also the first Jesuit pope in history. Interestingly, while Tauran was born in and currently serves the Church in Argentina, his family is of Italian descent, which indicates that to some extent the Italian cardinals got their way while those who wanted a non-European Pope also got their way.

*Update 4: The new Pope has taken the name Francis. He is the first Pope so named. So now we have it: Pope Francis I, SJ. That’s history in many areas at once.

There will doubtless be much more commentary on all this from multiple other sources, probably even some here on Dean’s World.

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  • Dean Esmay

    A Jesuit Pope. That’s novel. I guess he must be very loyal to himself. :-)

  • jaymaster


    Your guys figured out the pomp and circumstance stuff a long time ago.

    It’s exciting to watch, and to think about what might be, and that’s important.

  • Scott

    And already the Pope bashing has begun. The left is already attacking Pope Francis for his rumored involvement in the 1976 kidnapping of two Jesuit priests.

    Typical. I remember when the last Pope was installed and the left went ape-sh*t with all the Hitler Youth stories.

    They can’t just let Catholics enjoy the moment. As I told one leftie coworker at the time (who brought up the Hitler Youth stuff): “You’re the kind of person to come in and take a dump on someone’s birthday cake in the middle of the party, aren’t you?”

    He didn’t get what I was saying but I think it was clear that both are examples of the kind of pathological hate that festers in the hearts of far too many on the left.

    But, congratulations, Dean. I look forward to reading your opinions about the new Pope.

  • Sandi

    So we have a new Pope. Yes it is newsworthy, but certainly not worthy of 24 hour coverage. I Finally had to turn the TV off today: I mostly keep it on CNN or sometimes FOX, but am sick of hearing about it.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was as much interest in God as there is in a new Pope.

  • ArnoldHarris

    I’m impressed by Francis in a way that I have not been with most world leaders, secular or religious, for a long time.

    As a non-Roman Catholic, I have no idea what the significance may be of the first Jesuit appointed as Supreme Pontiff of the world’s estimated 1.2 billion Catholics. Irrespective of that, the time has been ripe for the Roman Catholic Church to be headed by a non-European.

    And this particular non-European has a family background appealing to common folk all across the world. His family, comprising ordinary railroad workmen, migrated to Argentina from Italy. So the new Holy Father presumably speaks Italian, Spanish, probably Latin, and for all I know, German and English as well. Perhaps some time in this century, the Holy See will be presided over by Irish and American popes. (Frequently, it seems they are one in the same.; or perhaps I get that impression from watching too many American film dramas.)

    None of us can be certain what his long-term impact will be on his church or on the numerous societies in which that church dominates of plays a significant role in the religious life of the people in those states.

    From what I have read, he will also work diligently on behalf of ecumenical understandings with other faiths both inside and outside of Christianity itself. I am not certain that means there will be a Vatican III.

    In any case, good luck to Francis and all his worldwide flock.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI