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  • Ruth H

    I’m not home and on my laptop so have no email address for you.
    I ran across this link from Ann Althouse’s blog and thought it was so close to the way I think about AGW I should share it with you.
    I didn’t want to post in a regular comment section cause the AGW alarmist one is old news for today, but I did want you to see it.

    “How I Learned Not to Deny Climate Change
    By Robert Tracinski

    I do not deny the reality of climate change. No, this is not a change of mind, reversing my longstanding skepticism toward claims of human-caused global warming. I have never denied climate change—and that is precisely why I reject the global warming hysteria. But a fascinating new scientific contribution from Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark, who is single-handedly blowing away the alleged “consensus” on what drives the climate, has given me a whole new appreciation for climate change.

    The term “climate change denier” is obviously objectionable because of the word “denier.” That word is carried over from the phrase “Holocaust denial” and is meant to smear global warming skeptics by associating us with the vicious motives of those who airbrush the crimes of the Nazis. But the more substantive objection to this phrase is that we skeptics do not deny the reality of climate change. We embrace it all too thoroughly.

    We understand that the climate is changing and that it has always been changing. The four-and-a-half-billion-year history of the Earth is a history of constant, wild swings in global temperatures and weather, from the steamy jungles that nurtured the dinosaurs to the vast equatorial glaciers of “Snowball Earth.”

    I very much like his term stasis and this paragraph:
    “The alarmists who warn about recent man-made global warming are the ones who deny the reality of climate change. They are, in fact, advocates of climate stasis. They assume that the “normal” climate is basically what it was in 1970—not coincidentally, about the time of the first “Earth Day”—and any recent variation from that norm must require some extraordinary explanation.”

  • canagel

    Please contact me as soon as you can. I would like Lindsey’s medical records removed from your site.

  • Rickety Janes

    dude, i have so much brotherly love for you…thank you for your courage, your eloquence, and the hope you give to the hopeless.

  • Trudy W. Schuett

    please give me contact info I’m still at trudywschuett@gmail.com

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