Marxism, Objectivism, and Atheism+

Three modern secularist cults that I want nothing to do with.

I wonder if there are any others?

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Brian Wallace has some cool new ones up. I gotta get me one of these:

Criminal Justice price gouging?

Workout recovery

Men in pink collar jobs

Benefits of filtered water

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Den Beste had a Stroke

Via Insty. Apparently he’s coherent, but partially paralyzed.

One of my favorite bloggers ever.

And in the parlance of the time, he made me feel emotions in cyber space that most people thought were limited to meat space.

And he still does.

Prayers and best wishes to you, Steven!

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Happy Blogiversary, IMAO

The funniest right-wing blog of all time in my view, IMAO, just hit 10 years. Dean’s World started a few months before it, although we aren’t anywhere near as funny anywhere near as often, but congrats Frank and Sarah!

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Terrorism Against American Bloggers Continues?

Aaron Walker says he was SWATted again last night. Attorney Patrick Frey corroborates. If history is any guide, Walker will produce full documentation as soon as it’s available.

I have become increasingly alarmed at the hostile environment bloggers are finding themselves working under today. I recently purchased pre-paid legal services in part to be ready to defend myself from the sort of spurious lawsuits and criminal allegations that now look like they’re part of the danger of blogging, tweeting, even Facebooking, and I would advise anyone who ever takes an even remotely controversial public stance do the same.

*Update* Further thoughts from attorney Bruce Godfrey here.

*Update 2*: This is from a few weeks ago. The fact that this happened again just last night to another individual indicates that it’s still happening. By my count that is now four prominent bloggers that have been targeted in as many weeks.

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