any WoW gamers here?

if anyone plays World of Warcraft, you may be interested to know that the award-winning Zygor Guides are on sale today only for 50% off (affiliate link). These are great guides that have an in-game addon and make leveling alts much more efficient. Enjoy :)

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AVfM Radio: Tales from the Infrared debuts!

Did you ever think there was a problem with the way men and women interact in geek and gaming culture? We think so too, and it’s not what either the feminists or the conservative traditionalists think it is either. It’s the way we demonize, marginalize, shame, and demean men and boys, and treat girls like dainty wilting flowers–and this mindset isn’t just mainstream anymore, it’s even begun to infect geek culture. A lot of us think so, anyway, and as a geek myself, I’ve had about enough. So I’m pleased to announced the inaugural episode of a new radio show, Tales From The Infrared: Geek Culture from a Red Pill Perspective!

Airing at 8pm Central Time–with archives available if you miss that time slot–this is your opportunity to meet and learn about the growing number of people and activities in the Men’s Rights community (known as MRAs) online.

Created and co-hosted by myself and Typhonblue, with this episode’s Special Guest Host PwynySlastation01, Tales from the Infrared is a significant departure from other shows in the AVfM lineup. We’re hoping you’ll like it, or that we might find new audiences with it. The main goal of this show is to lighten up, have fun, and explore something other than deep politics or psychology. We still talk about activism, but we mostly hope to provide an escape from that and into something involving laughter and fun. If you like video games, science fiction movies and TV shows, pop psychology, Youtube videos, comics, literature and other entertainment media and want to see it discussed from a Red Pill perspective, this is the show for you!

We will not be taking calls during this inaugural episode, but still feel free to call in to listen if you like, and we will be hanging out in the Stickam room after the show for anyone who wants to talk to us, make suggestions, or yell at us.

In a bit of a departure from our other shows, we also provide you with links you can use to follow along with the show and see what we’re seeing, or check these resources out after the show! See the links below before, during, or after the show so you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Click here to reach the show page


Click here to join us in Stickam to chat after the show if you like.


Stories in Episode 1 of Tales from the Infrared:

Strange Announcement No One Understands, Something About Kittens

The Buzz (What’s going on in MRA land):

Kerfuffle between MRAs and MGTOWs:

J. Scott Davis takes a dive for Kellett

John the Other reminds “Scientist” PZ Myers he has an unanswered challenge

AVFM Mail Out


PwnySlayStation01 pwns Dean Esmay
(Gamers: They really are coming for you)
See also:

A still-relevant response to these Stalinists:


“The Bad”
Warren Ellis Shows You How to Get Women Right
Original Source:
(Found via our friends at Webcomic Beacon)

“The Good” (NSFW)

“The Cool or The Ugly? You Decide”

“[I]f you support DC Comics, then personally, I really can’t consider you a feminist.” — Valerie D’Orazio


“The Good”

Flash Fiction Online’s submission guidelines.

“The Bad”
TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope; Geek Feminism Wiki Steps In

The YouPoop (Seen YouTube)

Most Divorces Are Caused By Women? Not So Fast There, MRAs

Feminist Frequency still asking for money

New MRA charges into the breech: Billy Clement

Interwebz Drama (Reddit Post dramatic re-enactment, with Dean Esmay and Typhonblue)


A little more on the Interwebz Drama/Fake Typhon

Getting banned from HALO for being sexist–for LIFE

Justicar challenges MRAs


Men With Kittens

Additional Credits:

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SHOW LOGO: Roger O. Thornhill

“Penis” by Mykeru Media


Click here to reach the show page


Click here to join us in Stickam to chat after the show if you like.

Showtime is 8pm Central tonight! Hope to see you there!

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Linux Gaming Moving Forward

I’ve been wondering if or when game developers would get serious about trying to shake loose their dependence on Microsoft. It appears that Valve, which is basically the hub of the PC gaming universe, is getting serious about Linux.

If they are successful, I’m going to have to dial down my view that the PC is going to ebb, because one thing that’s painfully obvious about PCs is that they are a consistently more powerful gaming platform than consoles, and gaming is increasingly popular and mainstream.

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Growing Reasoned Criticism of Anita Sarkeesian

The amount of rational, reasoned responses to Anita Sarkeesian’s brand of feminism is growing. This is probably the most detailed and specific and biting so far:

I have some friends contemplating doing a Kickstarter project on toxic and dishonest forms of feminism that infantalize women and demonize men. It should be interesting to see if that comes to life. One thing that’s obvious: whether intentionally or on purpose, Anita Sarkeesian could not have made the situation better for herself if she had tried.

Meanwhile, I note that it’s still totally OK to fire a nobody for saying the words “booth babe” about a celebrity, and women who dissent from Sarkeesian’s views get very little notice except for places like this blog.

Anyway, I recommend watching the above two videos before actually responding to them.

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Two Recent–and Related?–Internet Bullying Incidents

A sh*tstorm started a few weeks ago in the video gaming community when a woman named Anita Sarkeesian posted this video:

A virtual tidal wave ensued, with a bunch of trolls attacking her, most of it very angry, totally inappropriate and some downright sick. Now, having been the target of a lot of internet venom in my time, including out-of-context quotations of my work, threats, name-calling, and harassment, I don’t find any of that acceptable.

In some cases it works out well for the intended target, as it did here: Ms. Sarkeesian wound up getting way more money than she originally asked for from people who, presumably, were in part showing support for her against the harassers. She almost certainly feels vindicated. I would; trolls don’t get their just desserts anywhere near often enough. If the goal was to change people’s minds about Sarkeesian’s work, it was a horrendous backfire wasn’t it? In gamer terms, those who went after her got “pwned,” and deserve to be mocked for it. You couldn’t have done her a bigger favor.

Lost in all this, though, was that there are perfectly reasonable, rational people who have problems with the starting presumptions of Ms. Sarkeesian’s project. A reasonable, rational, and non-hostile response, for example, is this one by Sarah Kite Tales:

As to why Sarkeesian got swarmed by angry responders, there are some of us who wonder if there wasn’t something a little more complex than simple “misogyny” here. I have my own guesses, but until someone finds a few of these trolls and manages to pin them down–in person or on the phone I mean–and ask “OK, what exactly got you so upset that you used that kind of language?” we won’t really know. We’ll just assume won’t we? Bad habit, that.

My own guess is that there was some misogyny there, but some of it was probably more visceral anger, which leads to the question: anger at what besides “women?” Well, the fact is, a lot of young men these days feel pretty kicked around by current culture and for a lot of them, escaping into video games is one of the only outlets where they feel like they can enjoy themselves and be good at something without feeling guilty or inferior. Having something they love attacked feels like something personal, I think.

You may not agree with my analysis, but it says something that I already expect that, if I’m not ignored completely for saying this, I’ll probably get sneering contemptuous responses from those who wish to lecture me on how our society supposedly elevates boys–even though so much objective data shows that today’s young men are struggling badly, very badly indeed in many cases. Is it wrong to think that maybe, consciously or subconsciously, some young men are just very tired of being lectured and demonized?

Coming close on the heels of all this, I noticed that a young writer for a gaming magazine called “Destructoid,” on his personal Twitter account (on which he had a total of 50 or so followers) said something obnoxious about a celebrity with millions of fans–and got fired for it when someone retweeted his message. His tweet was picked up and passed along by multiple people, and eventually made it to people like Wil Wheaton who, with his own 2 million followers, went on a tirade about the young man’s remark, misogyny, and video gaming culture. The result being, the young man was fired.

Apparently, the term “booth babe” is now so offensive in our so deeply misogynist culture that we think nothing of just ending a young man’s career for saying it. Fascinating: we hate women so much as a culture, we fire people for insulting a lady’s honor?

Anyway, because of the sexism, the rampant, horrible sexism, he needed to be fired. I’ve even had friends I respect and admire defend this: ending a young man’s career. Firing this virtual nobody. For tweeting to all of 50 or so followers that a beloved celebrity is a “booth babe.”

By the way, I am an enormous fan of that so-called “booth babe” (especially her work on “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible”), but so far as I’m concerned, this was one of the worst cases of internet bullying I’ve ever seen. No, not by the young man who tweeted something rude to his small group of followers, but the avalanche of bullying from erstwhile defenders of a celebrity with millions of fans–including bullying by another celebrity with millions of fans of his own–against a virtual nobody.

They got him fired. Which so far as I’m concerned is at least as bad as anything that Sarkeesian suffered, only, she got a ton of money and he’s now on the unemployment line. Here I think the vlogger known as InuitInua says it best:

So far as I can see, this kid was a revenge target for those still fuming about what happened to Anita Sarkeesian. The only difference being, she’s going on to bigger and better things, whereas the internet bullying he suffered only landed him on the unemployment line.

Sexism, anyone?

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