The Indianapolis Anniversary

Yesterday, July 30th, was the anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the ship that delivered the first atomic bomb to Tinian Island at the end of WWII. Whenever I think of this I am reminded of Robert Shaw as the fisherman, Quint in Jaws. In a retrospective on the movie it was revealed that his chilling monologue about being aboard the Indianapolis was done in a pair of takes after the actor had first read up on the incident, then, quite typically, got thoroughly drunk and just rattled it out.

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Things to Ponder

The Pace of Modern Life via xkcd

And yes, putting it forth like this is just a trifle ironic.

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The Electrification of California

Via PowerLine Blog comes a link to an Edison photographic archive depicting the electrification of California from about 1915 to the mid 70’s. I was surprised at how interesting and evocative the pictures were so I decided to share. It is lots of commercial pap with a great deal of slice-of-life intermixed. Fascinating stuff.


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Margaret Thatcher, RIP

A former Prime Minister both beloved and reviled has died.

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The Forbidden History of Unpopular People

Things are looking scary in Australia:

I don’t think the governments are the only thing to fear in this area but a growing number of supposedly liberal democracies appear to be embracing things like this. There appears to be no big risk to that in the US right now but…

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