David Futrelle, abuse and rape apologist and smear merchant, attacks Good Men Project

This article I wrote for The Good Men Project has caused some controversy:

Dear Young Man: You Don’t Have to Sleep With Her if You Don’t Want To.

Dave Futrelle, well known as a paid hate merchant and slander artist, who always relies on out of context quotes, and who regularly mocks rape and abuse survivors and those who try to help them (like my friend Erin Pizzey) has been repeatedly told not to contact me as I consider him a genuine cyberstalker and harasser. Now he is, along with his minions, attempting to harass the publisher for daring to publish my article.

Not because of what it says. But because of who I am.

I would appreciate it if you would read the article and comment on it, share it, like it, etc.

I’d appreciate otherwise ignore the quote-mining of cyberstalkers and the merchants of hatred and intolerance.

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The New Dean’s World

In case you haven’t noticed, the look of this blog has changed. After wrestling endlessly with trying to get the old archives working properly with proper author attributions and properly indexed and all that I threw in the towel, made a new blog, imported the last year or so’s content, and called it a wash. I’ve got an archive of all the old content, even if it is in somewhat mangled form, so that someday, hopefully for posterity, I can go through and salvage some of the better writing on it. But rather tha look to the past and keep endlessly trying to tinker with and repair something fundamentally broken, a clean start seemed like the best idea for now.

As a bonus you should find the site working faster now, plus, we’re using Disqus for comments, which is pretty cool I think.

I still probably won’t be writing here as regularly as I used to since most of my energy these days is focused on A Voice for Men, however, I’ll continue to post here now and then when I have something unrelated I feel an urge to write about (here and on The Moderate Voice, and any of you old-timers hanging around who’d still like working author account should let me know. 🙂

One day I’d love to write the history of this place. It would be a hell of a story.

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Dishonesty by the “Encyclopedia of American Loons”

I recently discovered that in random Google searches on my name, some obscure blog called the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” comes up with a posting about me full of half-truths and distortions and irrational ad hominems about public positions I’ve taken in years past.

There was a period 5-10 years ago where I was getting pretty incoherent in my blogging, while in the depths of a bad marriage and trying to soothe it with alcohol, and therefore occasionally ranting hyperbolically more than I should have. I was also regularly getting gang-slammed and trolled by people on the internet, mostly on other blogs, saying nasty things about me that probably (no, definitely) exacerbated my temper. Nevertheless almost none of those assertions in the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” are really true–and if the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” were linking the original articles I wrote, quoting me directly instead of what other people were saying about me, or what other people were quote-mining me on, or what other people were imputing to be my positions instead of just asking me what they were, it would be at least a lot more honest. I know I’ve said things in the past that embarrassed me, especially when speaking or writing in haste, but anyone who asked me to clarify my positions would know where I really stand.

In any case, yes 1) it’s true that I respect Peter Duesberg, Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology at the University of California at Berkeley, and believe he has been sorely mistreated by the scientific establishment, and that many (not all) so-called “AIDS Denialists” deserve more respect than they get, 2) I did at one time argue that running to court to throw silly Creationist literature and idiotic Creationist stickers out of the schools was more destructive than allowing their nonsense to be discussed in science classes–because banning it by force just feeds the Creationist paranoia that scientists are censoring them and leads to more parents pulling their kids out of the public schools and/or telling their children that their science teachers are lying to them (and that this essay by Michael Baltar is spot on, and 3) yes, I do indeed believe that in many (not all) areas of the sciences, the peer review process (which I know a great deal about actually) has been terribly corrupted by money. This, apparently, makes me a “loon” and a “crackpot” and a “conspiracy theorist.”

The fact that on #1 I talked to multiple fully credentialed scientists and mainstream journalists who supported Duesberg in whole or in part is not of course mentioned, the fact that on #2 I made it repeatedly clear that I think Creationism is stupid and that “Intelligent Design” is not a science, and the fact that on #3 my criticism about money polluting the peer review process merely echoes what a lot of other working scientists will tell you isn’t mentioned either. Neither do they mention my regular writing about how toxic conspiracy theories are, and my repeat explanation that “corruption” is not a “conspiracy,” it’s corruption.

But it’s clear that the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” isn’t really interested in being truthful. It’s interested in well-poisoning. I guess if you’re going to take public iconoclastic positions on the internet, you should get used to it. So in a way, I’m honored to be so important to them. I just wanted to mention, for the record, this “encyclopedia” entry is dishonest, and it would make me question anything written by or about anyone else on it. But hey, at least I’m honored to be noticeable and prominent enough in their eyes to merit an article.

*Update* You know, upon reflection, I’m a little surprised that the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” editors did not also note my frequent assertion that the overwhelming evidence from the peer reviewed scientific literature is that eating fewer calories and exercising more is not an effective cure for obesity — maybe because they know that’s not really refutable — or that I think Bjorn Lomborg has the most sensible attitude about Global Warming and that Watt’s Up With That and that Climate Audit are both important sites if you’re actually interested in rational skepticism about the subject of Global Warming. I imagine on the latter, they also almost certainly consider all of the above “crackpots” and “conspiracy theorists” too.

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What to Hitler & Dr. Seuss have in common?


(By the way, yes I’ve been scarce. What can I say? I’ve been busy.)

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Because nobody cares about men and boys

*Update*: If you’re reading this it’s probably because Arthur Goldwag linked you here. Since Goldwag and his cronies at SPLC routinely mass-censor comments that challenge their prejudices, extensively documented here, I thought I’d add an update here.  Everything I predicted in the below essay happened. All of it. Also, I was one of the people who knew Earl Silverman, which of course Goldwag doesn’t bother to tell you.  He also refers to me as “Another MRA” without acknowledging that I’m part of A Voice for Men.  Other people at A Voice for Men knew Earl much better, like Karen Straughan, and especially Dan Perrins who was particularly close to Earl. What Goldwag also won’t tell you is that we promoted Earl’s shelter multiple times, tried to help him raise money, and also celebrated his accomplishments when he had them. And what he won’t tell you is that Earl suicided explicitly because of the mass indifference to the suffering of men and boys in Canada, to the paltry support he got (we are a tiny desperately underfunded movement; we could probably open 20 shelters probably with what Goldwag personally makes in a year, and hundreds of shelters with the resources SPLC has at its command). Nor does he mention the fact that Earl went financially broke from lack of assistance from his own government or from any charitable endowments anywhere in his country, despite running the only men’s shelter anywhere in that country at the time.  Nor does he mention the online cyber-bullying by feminists that helped drive Earl’s suicide. Arthur wouldn’t tell you about those things  because he doesn’t care about the poor, the abused, the suffering, and the marginalized, he just wants to keep painting a phony narrative about our supposed “hate” and now, astonishingly, “exploitation.”

In other 20 years Earl got a grand total of $1,000 from his government to help run his shelter. A thousand dollars Arthur? A thousand dollars? Really?

Tell you what Arthur, I’ll trade what I get paid for my activism for one year over your paycheck for one month. Then we’ll talk about who’s exploiting who exactly.

Arthur Goldwag, you have made the SPLC into something that actively works to marginalize the poor, the abused, and the disenfranchised. You are a disgrace.

My original essay, which Goldwag linked to, is below. And I repeat: everything I said in it came to pass. And is still going on apparently, thanks to Aruthur Goldwag and the SPLC.

*Update 2*: Oh, be sure to read our expose of the SPLC by a former SPLC fundraiser. Hey how much money to you make personally by exploiting underfunded human rights activists by funding a phony narrative about “misogyny,” Arthur? Care to answer that question?

Earl Silverman, founder of the only abused men’s shelter in all of Canada, has killed himself. After 20 years of fighting for the forgotten, the overlooked, the marginalized, and the sneered at, he closed his shelter due to lack of resources, and today closed out his life, because no one gives a damn about men and boys.

The last I spoke to him, he’d just managed to get some mainstream media attention in the face of the sneering feminist media whore lawyer there to “debate” him and who tried his best to minimize anything Earl had to say. Earl did great, but still, nobody cared enough to do anything. He privately outlined a strategy for me for finally getting someone in the government to pay attention, after decades of futility, and I didn’t think it would work. I tried to be encouraging and supportive, but I probably wasn’t encouraging enough.

Today he hung himself and I’m pingponging between crying and shrieking rage.

If you’re a male, you’re disposable motherf*****r. If you’re abused, it’s your fault. If you’re poor, it’s your fault. If you’re out of a job, it’s your fault. If you’re desperate, it’s your fault. You’re “privileged,” don’t you know.

I cheerfully await the feminists who will be dancing on his grave and/or giving their usual stupid bullcrap song and dance about how what caused the indifference was their phantasmagoric lie of “The Patriarchy” or “toxic masculinity” when they’ve lifted not a god damned finger for 40 years to help men and boys and spread lie after lie about how most of the victims of abuse are women and hardly any are men. I also look forward to the conservative traditionalists shaking their heads and looking the other way, just like the hypocritical jerks who say nice things about manhood but don’t actually do a god damned thing for men and boys that most of them are.

If you’re male in this society, you are a disposable utility, and that’s all you are. Earl recognized it, tried to do something about it, and finally gave up.

And here’s my prediction: almost no one in the mainstream media will bother writing one word about this. Because Earl was a man, and nobody cares about men and boys.

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