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Ray Manzarek, RIP

The great keyboardist and songwriter for The Doors has died.

God I’ve always loved that song. (And a lot of their other output too.)

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Dark Side of the Moon Turns 40

I (and many others) consider Pink Floyd’s masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon to be one of the great musical achievements of the 20th century–regardless of genre. It turns 40 this week, but is as fresh and powerful as when it came out. NPR has a story on the album and its impact.

You can hear the whole of this amazing album here:

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F*ck Fascism

The rawest punk is usually the best punk.

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Japan Loses Title of World’s Weirdest Pop Culture

“Gangnam Style” is now the #1 video in YouTube history, at 800 million views and climbing after only a few months. Eat South Korean dust Japan!

The artist, Psy, has also given paunchy middle-aged geeks everywhere hope. Our hero! All hail Psy!

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