The Closing of the Higher Ed Mind

If you want an explanation of the likes of PZ Meyers and his strange little “FreeThoughtBlogs” and “AtheismPlus” cult, there’s no better I’ve seen. It also matches my personal experience; it’s amazing how much of an intellectual bubble most people in the supposed intellectual elite often inhabit.

It would be tempting to feel sorry for these people since they don’t know they exist in an intellectual bubble, but the whole point of a University is supposed to be to expose you to a wider world, not constrict it.

(Link thanks to PolkaDotHighRise over on AVfM, where we’re covering recent violent fascist censoring thuggery on a Toronto campus.)

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Obama Picks Ryan, Redux (J. A. Eddy)

Because the first time was so much fun, and because I think some serious issues were ignored (and I freely admit I was part of helping them be ignored), I offer this:

“Who’s the Fairest of Them All?”

Belmont Club’s Wretchard the Cat (AKA Richard Fernandez) tends to write in-depth and make no mistake he is unmistakably right-of-center, but he grabs the “Obama chose Ryan” meme and rattles it so hard its teeth chatter. Comments over there tend to be pretty Knee-Jerk partisan, but can be informative none-the-less. It’s a good read, particularly if you are on the left and are trying to understand why the right is so jazzed up about the Romney/Ryan ticket.

It’s worth your time, even if you feel compelled to reject it out of hand.

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