Michele Catalano Terrorized by US Government

No, seriously.

For those of you who don’t remember, Michele Catalano was once one of the most popular webloggers in the world. I was a huge fan of her work and she was a big inspiration to me in a lot of ways. We parted company politically some time ago as we each grew and developed in new directions, although we’re still on the same page in some things. But now grasp the irony, if you can, of a former warblogger who changed her mind now being harassed by the government under the Obama administration for policies enacted under Bush, which the left hated Bush for but mostly (with a few noble exceptions) gives Obama a free pass for not just continuing but in many cases ratcheting up.

Unfortunately for them I think they chose the wrong person this time. But it now frightens me a little anyway, and I’m not normally inclined to be frightened over government foulups, just annoyed. But the climate we’re living in today is increasingly making the first amendment a joke.

Another View On Detroit

Salon says don’t buy the conservative myths about Detroit, and calls out conservatives for being highly selective in the data they choose to look at.

Without particularly taking sides here, I will note that for years now I have bewailed much of the intellectual Left for a seemingly common inability to answer the most basic economic arguments brought forth by conservatives, which has frustrated me no end because I have long viewed conservative and libertarian arguments as having merits but also having weaknesses, and I truly believe in a process whereby through rational discussion we can arrive at optimal answers when parties from all perspectives join in the engagement of ideas and not just name-calling.

(And no, before you ask, I do not consider Paul Krugman worth reading, ever, because he is a partisan hack first and an economist second, Nobel prize be damned. You can’t trust one word he writes on anything.)

There’s still some name-calling there in the Salon piece, but it’s at least a to-the-point rebuttal to the claims of how we got here and what the solutions are that’s more than just generalities. To my eye anyway.

The truth of the matter is that I care less and less about left vs right pissing matches, as both sides annoy the crap out of me, and I increasingly pay less and less attention to anything other than concrete plans of action.

The Indianapolis Anniversary

Yesterday, July 30th, was the anniversary of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the ship that delivered the first atomic bomb to Tinian Island at the end of WWII. Whenever I think of this I am reminded of Robert Shaw as the fisherman, Quint in Jaws. In a retrospective on the movie it was revealed that his chilling monologue about being aboard the Indianapolis was done in a pair of takes after the actor had first read up on the incident, then, quite typically, got thoroughly drunk and just rattled it out.


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