A note to other orthodox: Eastern, Coptic, Oriental, or Assyrian

Theotokus and child, believed to have been painted by St. Luke

In these pages, you will see me frequently referring to orthodox Christianity. In doing so, I am fully aware that Eastern Orthodox, Coptic/Ethiopian, Assyrian, Roman Catholic, and other varieties of orthodox Christians do not always agree with each … [Continue reading]

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Personal correspondence with a pantheist scientist and friend, on Creationism and the Church of Scientism

I have made quite an unusual number of acquaintances who hold PhDs in various sciences in my 50 spins around Planet Earth. I get around so much, I've probably talked to more scientists than most scientists have. Social sciences and the hard sciences … [Continue reading]

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Proof for God: The Argument from Evolutionary Psychology

Spiritual Forces

I have spent some years in what is called "The Manosphere" and one peculiarity I noticed over time was a fascination with something called "Evolutionary Psychology." Without going into too much detail, I noticed early on that there is good and bad in … [Continue reading]

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PC continues to decline as Intel makes job cuts

Intel is openly stating that they're moving away from PCs and slashing jobs in their PC-related business. Starting around 2005 I began to tell people "the PC as we know it is starting to disappear." It was beginning to be visible around then, … [Continue reading]

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“Wives submit”: orthodox Christian perspective

No means no, ladies.

I've been told recently that Pope Francis has turned into a feminist and a socialist. Uhm, no, try again. Emancipating women is good. Emancipating men is good. He's talking of what today we might call Christina Hoff Sommers feminism or unicorn … [Continue reading]

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