To my Twitter interlocutors

Today for whatever reason some of the more open-minded and young atheists have been sending me challenges that do in fact seem like attempts at reason and not just to be dicks, so let me make some points clear to you. For the record I am tired and … [Continue reading]

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Catholics: Stop apologizing for the sex abuse scandals of history

Yes, Dean Esmay is entitled to use this ribbon

I am a survivor of child and teen sex abuse at the hands of, amongst others, an atheist public schoolteacher and a Catholic-hating New Age nut. So as a survivor let me make something perfectly clear: No Catholic owes the world any apology for the … [Continue reading]

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Debunking Atheist Flimflam: The New Atheist Cult vs. the Social Justice Cult


All cults offer you an easy path to a better life if you just think the way they think, and to make the world a better place if everybody just thinks like them. (And before you ask: no, my religion teaches no such thing. But this isn’t about my … [Continue reading]

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Things most atheists believe, without proof by their own standards

Hey check out this totally rational meme I got from atheists.

Many atheists like to claim that they only believe things with evidence. What they invariably mean by this is "evidence they will accept." Yet anyone who talks to atheists long enough, even smart ones, knows that atheists believe lots of things they … [Continue reading]

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Ruminations on Captain Capitalism, Tiny Houses, and Secularist Materialism

One thing I will say about consequentialism is that if you spend years deeply immersed in it, if you're at least good at it  you can spot trends very well. In fact I recently noticed something that made me laugh, and it goes back to a point my … [Continue reading]

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